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Graffiti Transformation Project

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The Graffiti Transformation Project is an eight-week summer program for youth between 13 and 16 years old.  The youth are taught how to paint murals and change graffiti into works of art.  Over the eight weeks the youth learn many skills including leadership, interpersonal and communication, conflict resolution, self-esteem and employment skills.  The project gives local businesses, parks and people living in the neighbourhood (Bathurst to the east, Roncesvalles to the west, Bloor Street to the north, and the Lake to the south) a chance to transform graffiti on their property. 

The youth and the owner of the property plan murals to cover the graffiti and design a creative mural. Examples are a nature scene, anti-oppression messages or a culturally inspired mural.  The youth join in all levels of the project. The Paint Team Leader/Youth Worker helps the youth make a work plan. They find high-risk areas in the community and then they plan the steps for the graffiti transformation. 

This project offers youth the chance to gain valuable experience but most of all, it allows youth the opportunity to give back to their local community in a meaningful way.  Some of the youth in the project have grown into confident and highly motivated individuals.  For many youth in the community, the St. Christopher House Graffiti Transformation Project was their first work experience and team building project.

In past years many community members helped us learn which areas need attention. We have had success with youth creating the murals. We believe that the project’s success depends on the community working with us. Our success also depends on giving people living in the area the chance to help their community. We give an opportunity for youth to feel a sense of ownership.  Some examples of where St. Christopher House murals are located are Meals on Wheels at 248 Ossington Avenue, Auto Sonic Service Station at 1236 Dundas Street West and Canada Herb at 141 Ossington Avenue.

To learn more about the project for the summer of 2009 please call (416) 532-4828 x 169.